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This is the Iconocast, episode 24: “Murphy and Ed on the Road, part 1.”

This is the first of a two part interivew with Murphy Davis and Ed Loring. In part one, Joanna and Mark interview Murphy Davis. Murphy Davis, with her husband, Ed Loring, have protested the death penalty, worked for housing the homeless, spoken out against racial injustice, sought justice for the poor, and fought against war. Davis and Loring are founding partners of the Open Door Community–a diverse residential Christian community in downtown Atlanta. For over 30 years, they have lived in community with the homeless poor, former prisoners, and others who have come to join the struggle for justice in the midst of a death-dealing culture.

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In this episode, Sarah and Mark interview Ragan Sutterfield.

Ragan is a writer, teacher, and farmer in Little Rock, Arkansas. He has written on food, the environment, and culture for a variety of publications including PlentyGourmet,Men’s JournalPasteBooks & CultureFast Company, and Spin. He is also the author of Farming as a Spiritual Discipline. Ragan has eight years of sustainable farming experience and is one of the founders and operators of a farm at Felder Academy, a public charter school for troubled 

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