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In part two of her interview with Chude Allen, Joanna and Chude talk about her awakening to class consciousness, her organizing within the women's liberation movement and her thoughts on our political moment today. 

Chude is a member of the Bay Area Veterans of the Civil Rights Movement. In 1964 Chude participated in the student movement in Atlanta, Georgia while a white exchange student at Spelman, a historically black college. After leaving the South, Chude was an organizer of the Women’s Liberation Movement, first in New York City and then in San Francisco. She is author of the 1970 classic, Free Space, A Perspective on the Small Group in Women’s Liberation. In the mid-seventies she joined Union Women’s Alliance to Gain Equality and became editor of their newspaper, UNION WAGE. She is featured in the film, She’s Beautiful When She’s Angry.
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