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In episode 75 of the Iconocast, Joanna and Mark Van Steenwyk, co-founder of the Iconocast, take a trip down memory lane. They discuss what motivated them to start the podcast and how their thinking has changed since then. They wrestle with moving beyond an apologetic Christian witness to one that seeks connection with the subversive spirit of God. 

Mark Van Steenwyk is the Executive Director at the Center for Prophetic Imagination. Mark is a writer, teacher, organizer, and spiritual director. For nearly 15 years, Mark has sown seeds of subversive spirituality throughout North America. He co-founded the Mennonite Worker in Minneapolis in 2004 with his wife Amy. Mark is the author of That Holy AnarchistThe unKingdom of God, and A Wolf at the Gate.  

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In this episode of the Iconocast Joanna interviews L. M. Bogad. L. M. Bogad is an author, performance artist/activist, professor of political performance at UC Davis, Director of the Center for Tactical Performance, and co-founder of the Clown Army.  He has performed across the USA, Europe and South America, including occupied zones and a squatted military base in Barcelona.  

Bogad’s first book, Electoral Guerrilla Theatre: Radical Ridicule and Social Movements, analyzes the international campaigns of performance artists who run for public office as a radical prank. His new book, Tactical Performance: On the Theory and Practice of Serious Play, analyzes and critiques the use of guerrilla theatre/art for human/civil rights, social justice, labor and environmental campaigns.  

Bogad’s performances have covered topics such as the Egyptian revolution, the Haymarket Square Riot, the Spanish Civil War, the FBI's COINTELPRO activities, and the Pinochet coup in Chile. His ECONOMUSIC: Keeping Score, has been performed at festivals in Helsinki, São Paulo, Buenos Aires, Santiago, San Francisco, and Barcelona.  His play, COINTELSHOW: A Patriot Act was recently performed at the San Francisco Mime Troupe’s Studio, in New Orleans, and in Mexico City.

Bogad has led Tactical Performance workshops, helping activists create performative, nonviolent images to contest and critique power, in Cairo, Barcelona, Riga, Helsinki, Buenos Aires, Trondheim, and across the United States.

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